Baseball & Softball

Team Training

Teams train privately. 

"Single" - One 60-minute training for $125

"Grand Slam" - 4 consecutive weeks of 60-minute training for $400

"Squeeze Play" - Sneak in a 5th or 6th training within the 4 weeks for an additional $80 each session

"Pinch Hit" - One 60-minute training for $10 pp with no coaching instruction from SoWal ATC employees

Individual Training

Individuals train semi-privately with their own coach, private instructor, or #1 mom or dad. **Pitching and catching lane is only offered during off-peak hours.**

"Inning" - 1 cage for one 30- minute training is $25

"Extra Inning" - 1 cage for one 60-minute training is $40

"Fielder's Choice" - 1 cage for 4 consecutive weeks of one 30-minute training is $80

"Around the Horn" - 1 cage for 4 consecutive weeks of one 60-minute training is $140

The Individual Training consists of 1 adult & 1 athlete utilizing 1 cage. Add an additional athlete and share the same cage for $10, per visit (no coaching instruction from SoWal ATC employees). 

Private Training

Private instruction from qualified SoWal ATC employees (pitching, hitting, and catching).

One 60-minute training is $70.

4 consecutive weeks of one 60-minute training is $240. 

Training Equipment

All training sessions come with Wilson leather A1010 baseballs or Rawlings leather Dream Seam 11" or 12" softballs, L screen, Jugs multi-position pitching machine, portable baseball and softball mound, T's, Rukket hitting net, Rukket flight control balls, weighted balls, Jugs College-6 trainer, cones, and an agility ladder. Athletes are responsible for their own equipment (mandatory helmet, baseball/softball bat, baseball/softball glove, no cleats).